Advancing the DE&I Journey

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals
We are committed to exploring concepts that further the DE&I conversation in Asia, whether that be by returning to the foundations and re-examining the fundamentals or leading the charge when it comes to breaking taboos and tackling new and emerging themes across all aspects of responsible business and employee wellbeing

Campaign Objectives

  • Reiterate the fundamentals of DE&I and help companies apply them to their policies and practices 
  • Leverage 20 years of Asia-led insights and research to interpret global practices and policies 
  • Strike a balance between global conversations and top down policies and help Asia based organisations implement the most appropriate interventions for their teams and people in the region
  • Lead the charge when it comes to new and emerging themes in DE&I

Key Initiatives

2024 Community Business Awards

The Community Business Awards celebrate the achievements of organisations and individuals in Asia who are champions of DE&I and Wellbeing.

Nominations are now open for the awards which will fall under five categories:  

  • Creating Social Impact
  • General DE&I 
  • LGBT+ Inclusion
  • Wellbeing
  • India


Advancing the DE&I Journey Consulting & Training

We offer a wealth of training options to support companies wherever they may be on their DE&I journey 

Signature training sessions include:  

  • Diversity & Inclusion 101
  • Building the DE&I Business Case 
  • Launching an ERG in Asia
  • Race & Culture Conversations

Community Business is now offering 5 training packages that encompass a variety of topics to foster positive changes within the workplace. These bundles aim to accomplish more than an awareness session following a workplace incident; but a journey of continuous learning and growth for both the individual and the organisation. DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) training, when done right, will translate into creating a workplace culture where employees experience psychological safety and feel a sense of belonging. That is, they feel accepted—and celebrated—for who they are.

  • How to Embrace LGBT+ Pride
  • Leadership for Today, Tomorrow and the Future
  • Shining the Light on Unconscious Behaviours
  • Building Blocks of DE&I
  • Are You an Inclusive Employer?




DE&I Focused Research & Thought Leadership

Our Advancing the DE&I Journey campaign is grounded in our library of Asia-led research and thought leadership 

We regularly publish research that explores recent trends and developments relating to advancing DE&I in Asia. Recent topics include:  

  • Inclusion & Belonging
  • Race & Culture - the Conversation in Asia 
  • Valuing Veterans in the Workplace in India 
  • Fostering Religious Diversity in the Workplace in India 
  • Cognitive Diversity in the Asian Context 




Advancing the DE&I Journey as part of our DIAN / DIAN India networks

Our signature networks are grounded in tackling key issues relating to DE&I in Asia  

Over the past few years or DIAN and DIAN India networks have explored cutting-edge topics related to DE&I. By joining as either a DIAN or DIAN India, member, you gain complimentary access to Community Business’ library of 20 years of Asia-led research and insights as well as the opportunity to network with and learn from like-minded organisations and individuals from across the region.


Our Commitment

Community Business was founded on the belief that businesses have the power to drive social change, creating a ripple of understanding and acceptance throughout the wider communities that they operate by standing tall as a shining example of inclusion, celebrating differences among their people.  

We return to the basic principles and definitions of diversity, equity and inclusion again and again in our work, whether it be introducing organisations at the beginning of their journey to concepts and language to help them establish the foundations of inclusive practices, or working with more advanced companies to further their efforts and solidify sustainable change. We are equally committed to breaking boundaries and leading the charge when it comes to new and emerging themes in DE&I and wellbeing. We are proud of our reputation as a trailblazer, tackling taboo topics in the Asia region and we are committed to helping our partners and clients explore and expand into these areas, leaning into and working through the challenges that they present.  

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