SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals

FACEs Workshops

In these highly interactive workshops, Community Business works with diverse individuals – inviting them to share their personal stories of exclusion in the workplace. Delegates are invited to respond, discussing what can be done to address the issues raised and consider how they can play a role in creating a more inclusive work environment. Stories may be developed to explore different aspects of diversity and exclusion, including gender, culture, disability, LGBT+, etc – and any combination of the above. By bringing the issues of diversity and inclusion to life, this session opens the eyes of delegates to the experiences of others, challenges mindsets and motivates all to take action to create a more inclusive culture.

Unconscious Bias Workshop

In this session we will educate the participants with an introduction to Unconscious Bias (UB) covering key definitions and applications to the workplace and the business. Enabling understanding of why recognising UB and its potential negative impact is important from a business and employer standpoint. Through facilitated discussion / interactive sessions, we will create greater awareness in understanding how bias shows up in our day-to-day decisions and work and explicit actions participants can take to minimise and eliminate it.

Inclusive Customer Service Training

This training is ideal for companies in the retail or luxury industries in which success is defined by superior customer service, and can be delivered in Cantonese or Mandarin. In this session, we will educate frontline employees on inclusive customer service from a D&I perspective with an understanding of barriers that can get in the way. We will impart on frontline staff an understanding of the key minority groups that face exclusion and discrimination, such as people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and people from the LGBT+ community, and why it’s important to their business for them to be included. We will enable frontline staff with key takeaways on how to be inclusive to diverse customers and some practical top tips on inclusive customer service. Finally, through interactive case scenarios and role play, we will build confidence of frontline staff and empower them when dealing with diverse customers.

Inclusive Recruitment Training

The Inclusive Recruitment Training – a series of multiple sessions, is designed for HR practitioners and Talent Acquisition (TA) specialists/recruiters. 

The content is tailor-made to the specific needs of every client. An example of a programme flow is as follows - first we define the meaning of a diverse talent pool and inclusive recruitment that matches the client’s talent and D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) strategies, then examine key critical success factors and barriers. Applying a D&I lens in the implementation of recruitment process is another key element in this training. To end, we help the participants engage with other key stakeholders (such as leaders, hiring managers, decision makers) and provide specific skills of how to hold constructive and courageous conversations to secure buy-in.

How to be an Inclusive Manager Workshop

In this highly interactive workshop designed for people managers, we highlight the importance of being an inclusive manager and explore the key skills and behaviours required.