DIAN Country Link - China

Focus Area | Tackling Workplace Inequality
A briefing service that brings together China-based company representatives to connect and share key diversity & inclusion (D&I) trends, developments and activities relevant to the China market in order to drive an informed approach to their D&I country strategy.

Programme Goal

Topics relating to D&I are evolving fast in China and many companies are looking for an informed approach to driving their D&I strategy forward – both in terms of subject matter expertise, as well as local connections.  

Through engagement with DIAN Country Link – China, you have access to Community Business' local and regional knowledge and insights, grounded in over a decade of research and direct experience. It also gives you access to  

“the second-to-none meeting point of D&I specialists and expertise in the market and the region.”  

This briefing service is designed to complement our leading regional network, the Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN), and is extended to both DIAN member and non-member companies.  


Programme Benefits

Why DIAN Country Link – China?

Through DIAN Country Link – China, locally based HR/ D&I/ business managers who have responsibility for the design and execution of their respective companies’ D&I strategy have the opportunity to: 

  • Be part of a peer group committed to understanding D&I issues as they relate to China
  • Access key insights and knowledge that will empower your organisation to drive strategy forward
  • Keep up to date with key D&I-related developments in China and across the region
  • Engage in our pioneering work in Asia
  • Identify opportunities to raise your / your company’s profile as a D&I leader

DIAN Country Link Offering

The DIAN Country Link briefing service offers:

  • 2x Exclusive Roundtables
  • Access to an online forum
  • Access to 2 SPARK e-learning modules

1 in-person roundtable and 1 virtual roundtable were held each year previously, but in view of the current circumstances, we have switched to a virtual format for both sessions until further notice. If health and safety considerations make an in-person event viable, we will consult with DIAN China Link subscribers regarding the location and other arrangements​.


DIAN and DIAN India member companies are invited to nominate up to 2 representatives to participate in the DIAN Country Link briefing services (China and/or Philippines). This is offered as an additional benefit of membership - at no extra charge. DIAN Country Link is also open to non-member companies at a fee.  

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