Publications | 2 Sep 2020

Balancing Career and Caregiving in Asia – The Role of Companies


This research examines the drivers and opportunities for companies to support employees in their care responsibilities – be it for children, ageing parents or family members with disabilities or long-term health conditions. Based on interviews with over a dozen local experts, it highlights how addressing the needs of caregivers is critical to wider efforts to promote gender equality and enhance employee wellbeing. This research presents:

  • Business case for supporting employees in their role as carers​
  • Local market context in five markets including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Singapore​
  • Nine corporate case studies showcasing what companies are doing in the region​
  • Recommendations for companies


The study has been made possible thanks to Dell Technologies, HSBC and Uber.


Contributing Experts 
We thank the following contributing experts for sharing their insights:

  • Christine Liu, sHERO
  • Fumie Kamitoh, Ceritified Clinical Psychologist
  • Haijing Dai, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Hiroko Sasaki, Lyxis
  • Julian Koo, Jaga-Me
  • Ketika Kapoor, ProEves
  • Kiri Stejko, Parents At Work
  • Marie Swarbreck, FLEXImums
  • Priya Krishnan, KLAY
  • Santosh Abraham, ElderAid Wellness
  • Suzanne Price, Price Global
  • Vandana Nair Nadig, ElderAid Wellness
  • Vivian Lou, The University of Hong Kong

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    Balancing Career and Caregiving in Asia – The Role of Companies

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