Wellbeing at Work Week

Focus Area | Ensuring Employee Wellbeing
A campaign to raise awareness, educate and motivate action around employee wellbeing in your workplaces across Asia.

Since 2008, Community Business has been running Employee Wellbeing Week, providing a platform to raise awareness, educate and motivate action around Employee Wellbeing. In celebration of World Mental Health Day on 10 Oct, Community Business invites organisations across the region to join Wellbeing at Work Week to promote and encourage Employee Wellbeing in the workplace. This campaign, which will take place between 10 Oct and 14 Oct, will encourage organisations to actively communicate their passion around workplace wellbeing with their employees. The programme will utilise collective efforts among participating companies in Asia to increase awareness and engagement around Employee Wellbeing in their organisations as well as around the region.

Event Calendar


Community Business Event Descriptions:

This is Me Asia: Invisible Disabilities and Mental Health in the Workplace
Juju Jang, Senior Programme Manager, Community Business
In this webinar, our panellists will share their perspectives on ‘invisible disabilities’ at the workplace and discuss how we can support employees with these conditions, how to be considerate about their mental health and why storytelling campaigns can be powerful tools that contribute to creating more inclusion in your organisation.

Fostering Joy & Gratitude in the Workplace
Cassandra Chiu, Director, The Safe Harbour Counselling Centre
In this webinar, Cassandra Chiu will share her story of steering her life without losing hope or gratitude and guide us with practical advice on how to identify joy and gratitude in your own language and how to practice this in your daily life.

Finding Comfort and Reshaping Our Life in Sorrow
Dr. Esslin Terrighena, CMHA HK Trainer & Chartered Psychologist
Grief is not only about losing a person close to you but can come in various forms such as loss of relationships, career, health, social connections and unexpected turmoil that is out of our control.
This webinar will teach us how to find tranquillity and unclutter our tangled emotions, as well as how to regain the strength to calibrate our life amid difficult situations.

Employee Wellbeing Roundtable: Driving Employee Wellbeing Initiative Through ROI Post-COVID
Juju Jang, Senior Programme Manager, Community Business | Janelle Mims, Head of DIAN, Community Business
A deep dive in small groups on how to ensure Wellbeing initiatives do not lose focus as we return to the ‘new normal.’ Many organisations have invested in Employee Wellbeing programmes over the past few years, perhaps more than they would have done previously, in order to support their teams and employees through a prolonged pandemic. We will work together to examine how we can recalibrate and continue to drive these initiatives better using ROI and VOI. 

Partnership with TLC

What Does TLC Do?

TLC provides staff engagement and corporate wellness solutions for leading companies. They use innovative approaches to meet the needs of individual organisations’ requirements, overseeing conception creation to event execution and coordination.

Our Partnership:

As a partner organisation of Wellbeing at Work Week, TLC will lead four Webinars, offering additional on-site benefits to organisations based in Hong Kong. TLC and CB will collaborate on creating promotional plans, developing and executing programmes as well as conducting post-event follow ups with participants.