DIAN Decade Programme

SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
To celebrate 10 years of our leading Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN), in 2018, we are running a DIAN Decade Podcast Series and a unique set of DIAN Decade Awards.

2018 marks 10 years since the establishment of Community Business’ leading Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN). As we celebrate the 10 years, we are promoting our DIAN Decade Programme, using it as an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in Asia, including: 

  • Demonstrating thought leadership
  • Increasing understanding of diversity and inclusion issues in the region
  • Showcasing corporate best practice

As part of this programme, Community Business is running the following:

  1. DIAN Decade Thought Leadership Podcast Series
  2. DIAN Decade Awards
  3. DIAN Decade Conference & Awards

DIAN Decade Podcast Series

The Podcast Series features a number of leading D&I experts we have worked with over the years, with knowledge of the Asian market. Each podcast has a runtime of about 20 minutes and all are now available.


Ep. 1: Jane Hyun - FLEX: Leading Multicultural Teams

  • Jane Hyun, Leadership Strategist and Author of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling and Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences
  • Play Podcast

Ep. 2: Shubha Chacko - Transgender Inclusion

  • Shubha Chacko, Executive Director of Solidarity Foundation
  • Play Podcast

Ep. 3: Nadine Vogel – The Invisible 9%

  • Nadine Vogel, CEO and Founder of Springboard Consulting and Author of DIVE IN, Springboard into the Profitability, Productivity and Potential of the Special Needs Workforce
  • Play Podcast

Ep. 4: Suzanne Price – Thriving in a multi-cultural workplace and building resilience

Ep. 5: Gulnar Vaswani – Inclusive Leadership and Culture Change in the 21st Century

  • Gulnar Vaswani, Chief Cultural Officer of Gulnar Vaswani
  • Play Podcast

Ep. 6: Tom Verghese – The Invisible Elephant and Other Obstacles to Growth

  • Tom Verghese, Consultant, Presenter, Executive Cultural Coach and Author of The Invisible Elephant: Exploring Cultural Awareness
  • Play Podcast

Ep. 7: Connie Wong – Implementing The Live Case Study

  • Connie Wong, Founder and Managing Director of CSW Associates Inc
  • Play Podcast

Ep. 8: Michael Kaufman – Engaging Men to Promote Gender Equality

  • Michael Kaufman, Author, Educator and Co-founder of White Ribbon Campaign
  • Play Podcast

Ep. 9: Margaret Regan – The Future, According to a Futurist

  • Margaret Regan, President and CEO of The FutureWork Institute
  • Play Podcast

Ep. 10: Prof Roy Chua – Asian Innovation: Increasing Creativity

  • Roy Chua, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources, Singapore Management University
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DIAN Decade Awards

The DIAN Decade Awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the leadership and commitment of companies and individuals to advancing diversity and inclusion in Asia over the last decade.

We are pleased to introduce 6 Awards in the following categories:

Initiative Awards

Initiative/Company Award

Company Award

Individual Award

D&I Pioneering Initiative in Asia Award

To recognise a corporate initiative that has demonstrated a new, different or creative approach to promoting, and/or creating, understanding of diversity and inclusion in Asia.


D&I in Asia Collaboration Award

To recognise an initiative that has involved two or more parties* working together towards a particular diversity and inclusion goal in Asia.

*For example: other companies, partner organisations,
NGOs, suppliers, etc


Promoting Social Inclusion in Asia Award

To recognise a corporate initiative that has promoted the social inclusion of a diverse or under-represented group in the wider community* in Asia.

*Note, this is not a workplace

D&I in Asia Intrapreneurship Award

To recognise a company or initiative that has demonstrated intrapreneurship, that is showing ingenuity and resourcefulness in its approach to diversity and inclusion in Asia, overcoming challenges and limitations to drive a positive outcome.


Advancing D&I in Asia Award

To recognise a company that has made significant and measurable progress in advancing a particular diversity and inclusion issue in their organisation in Asia.


D&I Champion of Change in Asia Award

To recognise an HR/D&I corporate professional based in Asia who has been a visible and committed champion of change in advancing diversity and inclusion in Asia


The DIAN Decade Awards are open to all companies with a commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in Asia.  Your company does not need to be a member of DIAN. Nominations should relate to activities that are Asia-focused (single or multiple markets in Asia) and have taken place at any time during the last decade, ie 2008-2018.

Assessment Criteria

Recognising the role of DIAN in advancing diversity and inclusion in Asia, Community Business will assess award nominations in each category based on the extent to which they are:

​          ​          ​         

Strategic    Proactive    Impactful    Pay it Forward

Award Nominations

The Award nominations are now closed.

Please note the following important dates:

  • 1 May 2018: Open for Nominations
  • 31 July 2018: Nomination Deadline
  • 17 - 21 September 2018: Judging of Shortlisted Nominees
  • 24 September 2018: Announcement of Finalists
  • 12 November 2018: Announcement of Award Winners at DIAN Decade Conference & Awards

Selection and Judging Process


Community Business reviewed all nominations and drew up a shortlist of 3-4 finalists for each Award.

Finalists were be notified the w/c 3 September.


Judging Panel

The final Judging Panel for each Award took place w/c 17 September in Hong Kong.

To ensure the credibility and objectivity of our judging process, each Judging Panel comprised:

  • 2 representatives from Community Business
  • 2 external experts/experienced D&I corporate professionals

DIAN Decade Conference and Awards

Platinum Sponsor: Dell


The DIAN Decade Conference & Awards was successfully held on Monday 12 November 2018 in Hong Kong.

Conference | 12:30pm - 6:00pm

The DIAN Decade Conference provided a platform for companies to share their insights and stories, and to celebrate progress made in advancing diversity and inclusion over the last decade. The Conference also presented the three perspectives on Transformation - The Future of D&I in Asia. Established thought leaders shared their valuable insights from the region and looked ahead to highlight what is going to be important in the D&I field in the future.

Cocktail Reception & Award Ceremony | 6:00pm - 7:30pm

At the end of the DIAN Decade Conference, Community Business hosted the DIAN Decade Awards Ceremony where the much-anticipated DIAN Decade Awards winners were announced.

Detailed Programme Rundown

DIAN Decade e-Publication

This special e-Publication ‘The Evolution and Transformation of Diversity & Inclusion in Asia’ is not simply retrospective. It is a compendium that captures insights from D&I experts on the evolution of D&I in Asia over the last decade as well as its future trajectory through the DIAN Decade Podcast Series. It shares current best practice stories and achievements across all areas of D&I that DIAN has gathered through the DIAN Decade Awards. It also includes the three perspectives on Transformation - The Future of D&I in Asia that we discussed at the DIAN Decade Conference.

Find Out More

To encourage companies to apply, we held an information session where we outlined the award nomination process and provided tips on how to enhance your submission. Please contact us to find out what was covered.


The DIAN Decade Programme is financially supported by the following DIAN member companies:



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